Tuesday, December 22, 2009

If I were cloth diapering twins

If you have faith consider this quote posted by singlemamma on diaper swappers, I had a similar experience with prefolds and wraps otherwise skip to the second half of this post:

"Yes...Stash nirvana exists...and I found it

So...cloth diapering has been quite a personal journey for me. I spent WAY too much money on cd'ing when DD was little using pockets, fitteds etc...all custom made...how frivolous...I cd'd til ten months and then found it too high maintenance with special washing routines, leaks and a above average sized dd who grew through sizes ridiculously fast all in the midst of a terrible divorce.

Now...dd is two and a half and not ready for pl'ing. I am engaged and happier than I have ever been and have found a wonderful man who fully supports cds...but the nesting instinct is gone and my frugal nature has returned in light of having lived as a single mother. I was tired of paying for disposables so we reverted almost fulltime back to cloth...flats and thirsties covers. AND...it works...no leaks ever...even for twelve hours at night, super trim...and yes...I have a heavy wetter...super duper easy wash routine...I mean REALLY easy...have premie pf's for doublers...I even use diaper cream...nothing pecial order or anything...just aveeno...its the easiest system ever...just trifold int he ocver...normal clothes fit...I don't have to worry about her outgrowing the size...and my whole stash of six thirsties (I like to change covers often), two dozen ll flats and two dozen premie pf's and four snappis which I never use...170 dollars...seriously...take the risk and go old school...I can't say I regret it...but I do regret the thousands of dollars (ok...maybe like 1800) I spend on leaky, high end beautiful diapers that were stinky and high maintenance..."

If you want something fancy for your twins then...

I'd get Softbums with aplix because the diaper changes are quick and with twins fast is important, also because they are adjustable and you don't have to worry if they'll fit or not. You get the convenience of all in one without the long dry times. You get the trimmness of disposable diapers. You get the staydry effect of pockets without having to spend time stuffing inserts into tiny pockets. I'd also choose softbums because they are a one-size diaper that truly fits a 6lb baby (maybe less). They will fit a small baby, but you might want doublers (or washcloths, or walmart supercheap prefolds) instead of the regular insert for that newborn period because those babies will be so small. The doublers will come in handy if one or both babies is a heavy wetter.

I use a doubler at every change for my son, but not my daughter. (some of my doublers are made out of old t-shirts, some are gerber prefolds, and some are softbums doublers) I use softbums at night, but sometimes have to use two inserts at a time, or two doublers to make it last.

If I were shopping for a birth to potty training stash for twins I'd get

Softbums good package (10 covers, $ permitting 12 or even 16 to decrease wear and tear etc)
2 softbums pail liners and a wet bag (I also use bread bags and trash bags)
2 dozen gerber prefolds $25 at walmart (or newborn prefolds online)
10 newborn proraps covers (newborns need more covers than any other size baby, so I'd get these and sell them on diaperswappers.com for 50-75% after the babies outgrow them. When the softbums covers are all dirty, use the proraps they'll do the trick during the early stage, I had 10 covers for my newborn, so I figured 20 would work for twins. You only need these if you got the minimum number of softbums covers above)
that comes to $510 plus S&H (proraps should resell for about $40)

I'd "wait-and-see", by toddlerhood you might need more covers, more doublers, and/or a diaper sprayer or a pocket diaper with hemp inserts for nighttime, or wool or fleece for the nighttime cover(more breathable=less ammonia in toddlers at night). The softbums inserts and doublers will for sure last 3 years. If the covers should start to wear out, buy proraps to replace them in size medium or large (whatever you need at that point for an additional $60-70).

Better yet, do the diaper trial at Jillian's drawers before buying anything. You learn so much about cloth diapering options with so very little cost to you. It will be the best $10 plus S&H you spend all month. (Their "Grobaby" is like Softbums)

I have two kids in diapers. You don't actually need double the diapers, just the double the clean diapers that are in use while washing the rest and you wash every 1 1/2 days instead of every 3 days. It all revolves around how many diapers fit in a load (18-24).

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Prepping Softbums diapers...

In my experience, Softbums inserts get super absorbant after being washed about 10 times, nearly bulletproof. I had regular leaks the first week I had them and assumed it was because they were so trim or because I had the legs snugged up improperly. I didn't dare use them at night. Then I started using them at night with doublers and now I trust softbums whenever. Now I know what is going on. They just need 10 washes to get to full absorbancy and with three washes prepping and about 2-3 weeks of usage, you get to that point. My advice is prepare for leaks during the first few weeks, or else add a few extra washes to the prepping period.

I'm writing this today because my little one woke up in the morning soaked through in his softbums, I was surprised and confused until I realized I had accidentally use a brand-new insert in the nighttime diaper (only washed 3 times.) Ooops!